At the heart of the Sunshine State’s aquatic charm lies a hidden world that few get to experience up close. Here at Premier Marine Underwater Services, our seasoned marine divers are committed to making this world more accessible to everyone. Through rigorous underwater inspections and top-notch services, we provide a seamless way for boat owners to navigate through the waters of Florida’s marinas.

Expert Marine Divers – Guardians of the Deep

Our divers are not just individuals with a penchant for the underwater world. They are trained professionals, meticulous in their craft, and well-versed in the nuances of underwater inspection. At Premier Marine, every diver is well-equipped to handle the unexpected, respond swiftly to the unpredictable, and ultimately ensure the safety and functionality of your boats.

Thorough Underwater Inspections for Peace of Mind

Premier Marine’s underwater inspections are designed to provide boat owners with complete peace of mind. When we go underwater, we check for everything, from the integrity of your hull to the efficiency of your propellers. Our in-depth inspections in marinas like Micco and Wabasso and those found in Palm Bay and Sebastian reveal hidden problems that could cost you down the line. With our help, you can address these concerns before they escalate.

Serving Marinas across Florida

Our services span across some of Florida’s most beautiful and vibrant marinas. In the north, we cater to clients in Volusia and Flagler County, including the enchanting Satellite Beach and the picturesque marina of Merritt Island. Further south, our teams frequent the bustling Port Canaveral and the serene Cocoa Beach.

Our footprint extends to the city of Vero Beach and its vibrant southern counterpart, Vero Beach South. We make regular trips to the iconic Wabasso Beach and the bustling Fort Pierce. We also have a solid presence in Palm Bay, Melbourne, and Titusville, making sure that boat owners in these areas have access to our world-class underwater services.

The Premier Marine Promise

The Premier Marine Underwater Services team is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. We aim to ensure that boat owners in Grant-Valkaria and the peaceful city of Gifford, as well as those in the expansive Port St. Lucie, can trust us to keep their vessels in optimal condition.

Whether you’re in the sun-kissed marina of Melbourne or the bustling ports of Fort Pierce, our mission remains the same: to provide top-quality underwater inspections and services, ensuring the safety and performance of your vessel.

Join the Premier Marine family today and discover unparalleled marine services that traverse the length and breadth of Florida’s beautiful coastlines.