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The warm waters of central Florida are ideal conditions for the growth of those pesky barnacles, tube worms, and algae. We will often get calls from boats who have allowed their vessel to sit idle in a wet slip for months on end, who are surprised to find their boat isn’t performing as well as they expected.

Maybe it’s an AC failing to cool, or worse, your engine is overheating and failing to reach the RPM’s expected. Many of these issues can be directly related to a lack of attention paid to their hull. If you own a boat and it sits in a wet slip, let me ask you… Why NOT have regular dive service?

Our divers are trained to identify problems before they become catastrophic to our customers. Often times our divers will notice a clogged thru-hull – an easy fix if caught in time…. Or maybe they noticed your shaft zinc has degraded and slid down to the strut and the cutlass bearing is
in jeopardy of damage… There are a number of reasons to consider getting on a monthly service cycle.

Recently, one of our divers was servicing a client’s boat, and noticed their swim platform had become corroded, leading it to actually break away from the boat’s transom all together. This posed a safety hazard to anyone using it. Our ability to identify problems before they become a major issue is something we regularly train on.

If saving your boat’s hull isn’t reason enough, there’s a financial consideration as well. At Premier Marine, we do our best to provide the best dive service possible, while simultaneously ensuring our customers get a fair rate. However, if your boat’s hull looks more like a reef than an efficient marine machine, you’re likely to pay a higher cost to get your boat tidied up.

Peace of mind – that’s honestly the most valuable aspect of our service. When you’re with Premier Marine, you can rest assured your diver is the consummate professional you’ve come to expect. Our diver training program is extensive and exhausting. We also regularly conduct quality control inspections to ensure our divers and their reports reflect the quality work you and we, have come to expect.

Bottom line, regular monthly service and the peace of mind that comes with that is worth it’s weight in gold. Call us today to set up a service cycle and become a part of the Premier Family! 386-220-3420