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Premier Marine Underwater Services takes pride in delivering top-notch pile and dock cleaning services to maintain and prolong the life of your marine structures. Our service process is meticulously designed to ensure a clean and growth-free underwater environment for your dock and piles. We accomplish this through a systematic three-step process: Removing Hard Growth, Removing Soft Growth, and Finishing Process.

Step 1: Removing Hard Growth (Barnacle Cleaning and Removal)

One of the essential steps in maintaining your marine structure’s integrity is removing hard growth. Barnacles can cause structural damage and deteriorate the quality of your dock over time. This is especially significant in Florida, where the warm climate can facilitate rapid barnacle growth.

Our skilled divers use state-of-the-art underwater equipment to effectively remove barnacles, mussels, and other hard substances attached to the piles and dock. We at Premier Marine Underwater Services understand that “cleaning piles” and “dock maintenance” are not just phrases – they are essential steps in ensuring the longevity and safety of your marine investments.

Step 2: Removing Soft Growth (Algae Cleaning)

Once the hard growth is removed, the next critical step in our pile and dock cleaning service is removing soft growth.

This involves eradicating algae, marine plants, and other soft organisms that can impede the flow of water around your dock and piles. Premier Marine Underwater Services utilizes eco-friendly cleaning solutions and advanced techniques to ensure that all soft growth is effectively removed. Algae removal enhances the appearance and safety of your dock, making it more pleasant for both residents and visitors alike.

Step 3: The Finishing Process

After both the hard and soft growths are removed, we undertake the finishing process. Our team performs a thorough inspection to ensure that your marine structure meets the high standards set by Premier Marine Underwater Services, finishing up with a Dock Cleaning Report.

Opting for our pile and dock cleaning services ensures that you receive unparalleled quality and customer service. We use the best underwater cleaning techniques and tools, which make us the go-to service for all your marine maintenance needs. Keep your dock and piles in pristine condition with Premier Marine Underwater Services – where excellence meets the ocean.

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